How to modernise your home

Let’s face it, keeping your house modern, while also sticking to a budget can be extremely daunting…

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of what is going on in the UK from the strikes, to the cost-of-living crisis to the crazy costs to keep your home warm… let’s talk about this…

The cost-of-living crisis has had a huge effect on many people across the country, it has meant many people are unable to afford basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and the most expensive & talked about, heat…

It has also meant that many key workers such as doctors, nurses and paramedics across the UK have gone on strike to fight for pay rises.

According to the office for national statistics, the UK inflation still continues to remain at a high level, with the largest contributing factor being the rising cost of food. The costs of food and non-alcoholic beverages have risen by 13.1% in 12 months to August 2022 which has increased to 0.4% from July and the highest rate since August 2008. [O1] 

Not to get too technical, but the organisation also concluded in their report that two thirds (66%) of adults in Britain reporting their cost of living increased in the past month, rising energy prices are a growing factor in the squeeze on household budgets.[O2] 

To tackle the cost-of-living crisis, in early September, the government announced a scheme, which was set out to help the millions of residents in the UK. The scheme, which was called the ‘Energy Price Guarantee’ was set to cap energy bills to £2,500 to help residents keep warm and have access to gas etc. [O3] 

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Unfortunately for many people, this means they are having to resorting to layers to keep warm and survive throughout the crisis.

However, how can people save money on there energy bills?

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Now whilst it is true that there’s little homeowners can do about the unwanted rising… you can control how much gas and electric you are using.

Switching light bulbs has potential to make a massive difference and it can’t hurt right now to learn ways of minimising those increasing costs!

A standard lightbulb refers to the incandescent bulb, which have filaments that glow, producing both heat and light when energy flows through them.

Alternatively, LEDS have electrons that flow to create protons – light that we can actually see – and generate almost no heat. This essentially means that LEDs require much less energy to create the same amount of brightness as incandescent lights do, lasting much longer too.[O4] 

But how can LED lights make your house more modern?

Carry on reading to find out more!





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