An in-depth look into LED security lighting

Security is having its own renaissance age, it seems. 

Since Amazon’s 2018 acquisition of smart doorbell company, Ring, the front-of-home CCTV system has hit the zeitgeist, with people around the world wondering how they ever slept a wink at night without one of these dinky cameras capturing the actions of any potential ne-er-do-wellers  (although mainly just the local postman) straight onto their phone. 

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And for good reason! Feeling insecure in one’s home, the sanctuary of relaxation from the outside world, is a major cause of stress for many adults, especially those living on their own or with anxiety problems. 

And whilst security cameras have their own merits in recording evidence of any wrongdoing in your absence, it must be said that they’re only so effective at actually stopping the problem from ever happening. 

This is where a fan favourite of home security, one that has been around for decades before the rise of the smart doorbell, comes into play – the trusty LED security light. 

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The LED security light has been illuminating the front drives of suburban homes for many years, visually screaming to unaware homeowners, “Someone is here!” without the audible intrusion of an alarm that could just as easily be tripped by a passing tomcat. 

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That’s the beauty of the security light – their perfect balance of subtlety and ostentatiousness. Homeowners are quietly alerted of potential wrongdoing happening at their doorstep whilst not intruding on the attention of nearby dwellers should the light be tripped by something relatively innocuous. 

A criminal’s best friend is the shroud of darkness that surrounds them, and so by eliminating this you stand a good chance of warding off any unwelcomes from your driveway and back to the murky depths from whence they came. 

Unrelated but still important, LED security lights also provide good visibility for its residents and reduce the risk of any potential trips or falls. 

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In this post, we’re going to be looking at the ins and outs of the humble LED security light, the first bastion of defence against our homes; how they work, where best to place them around your homes, and much more. 

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Why are most security lights LEDs?

One of the main advantages of LED security lights is that they last an impressively long time, at some 30 times longer than traditional halogen lights. So, regardless of whether you’re protecting your home or a commercial building, you can rest assured that a LED security system will last as long as you need it to and then some!

If you do choose to install a security light system, you can expect your electricity bill to increase alongside it. However, LED lights use far less electricity than halogen or fluorescent lighting due to consuming far fewer watts and creating less heat energy (virtually none at all!). This primarily means relatively lower utility bills from the lower electric consumption, but will also provide unmatched visual performance for anyone near them. 

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Due to the outside nature of many security lighting systems, it’s important that they are weatherproof above much else, something which LEDs can boast more than many traditional lights. For the most part, LEDs are designed to withstand the elements in whichever way they are presented, be it from water or from extreme temperatures. 

So, if you live in a particularly wet or cold area of the world, then don’t fret as an IP65-rated LED security lighting system will hold its own against all of it and keep your home or workplace safe from intruders. 

This special rating of IP65 is crucial to the performance of the LED when put under such conditions, however, so don’t turn a blind eye to this when searching for your LED security light. 

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The Types of LED Security Light

Like many products on the market, there are several variations of the simple security light that all have their own advantages and unique features, so let’s go through some of them and you can decide for yourself which works best for you and your particular needs. 

  1. Motion-Sensing Security Light

Above all else, the motion-sensing security light is the most efficient of all the outdoor lighting options available to consumers today. 

This is because, as the name suggests, they only turn on when they sense movement. This means that, for the most part, they’re actually off and not using excess electricity by constant being on. 

A unique benefit of the motion-sensing security light is that it gives the impression that the light was activated manually by the homeowner or security guard and that they already are aware of an intruder’s presence.

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From this, any unwanted undesirables would be foolish to stick around and get caught in the limelight whilst in the act, even though the reality of the situation is that the homeowner is probably tucked away unawares because they hadn’t actually activated the light as it was instead done so automatically. 

This isn’t to say that you would be unaware of the light’s activation if you weren’t the one doing so. Sometimes, the mere presence of the light being activated can be enough to rouse suspicion in a homeowner or security guard of a commercial property. 

However, as mentioned before, they can become slightly irritating when activated by innocent means such as passers-by and nocturnal creatures looking for prey or shelter near your property. 

  1. Wallpack or Dusk to Dawn (D2D) lighting


LED wall packs are another innovative method visually securing an area and keeping it well lit. Much like the above-mentioned motion-sensing lights, wall pack LEDs also rely on activation of sensors for the subsequent activation of the lighting system. 

How does this work? You may ask. Well, wall pack LEDs have photocell sensors that allow the lighting system to switch on when little to no light is present and then back off once natural daylight takes over again – hence the name, Dusk to Dawn lights. 

These are highly reliable, consistent and energy efficient security light systems that are easy to install and are great for those who are away from the property a lot but stil want decent protection. 

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  1. Floodlights


Floodlights are synonymous with the bright football pitches in the middle of a dark winter afternoon or the iridescent corners of workplaces, and until recently were considered the best kind of security lighting (and in many ways, still are) due to their high-impact illumination and durability. 

Things have changed slightly since the advent of wall pack and motion-sensor lighting technology, but they still have their own place in sports pitches and commercial complexes of today. 

Despite this, they are less than ideal for installations in domestic neighbourhoods where you’ll almost definitely end up blinding the family across the road every time they turn on. 

So that’s all you need to know about LEDs and their benefits as security lighting, now get out there and protect yourself and your home from intruders!

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